Using the latest technologies, NetCHB is the most advanced program in the global trade compliance marketplace. NetCHB can also be integrated with legacy systems at larger companies. At NetCHB, we take pride in being able to do whatever our clients need so that they can serve their customers confidently, efficiently, and securely.

Uploads/Downloads, EDI, & Systems Integration

NetCHB fully appreciates that companies want automate as many processes as possible.  To that extent, our staff will work with you to quickly and cost effectively implement whatever data transfers you need.

We have implemented numerous EDI processes such as invoice uploads for our clients using XML, FTP, and Web Services.

Additionally, we have Web Services for Entry uploads, ISF uploads, and Entry Status queries. Basically, we can, and have done it all. We will work with you on your specific processes and needs to help you do business the way you do it best.


NetCHB is a secure website application, using 256-bit SSL encryption to safeguard all data. All information you submit is encrypted before being sent across the Internet. All information sent to U.S. Customs on your behalf is sent securely through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel. Sensitive information is encrypted in the database, and multiple layers of redundancy protect your data, using techniques that include duplicates and backups.