The timing and accuracy of ISF transmissions to U.S. Customs and Border Protection is critical to avoid costly penalties and fines. NetCHB is designed to comply with federal regulations and help Customs brokers transmit the correct documentation when and where it's needed.

NetCHB features

  • Templates and Excel sheets that can be easily uploaded
  • Automatic email notification to warn you when an ISF isn't accepted one day before export
  • Automatic email notification to warn you if Flexible Range or Flexible Time ISF isn't compliant two days before arrival in first U.S. port
  • Automatic email notification to your clients and or any entities (e.g. supplier) when the ISF is accepted
  • Automatic billing of ISF with your associated entry
  • Easy system for verifying unbilled ISFs
  • Ability to autoselect entities previously associated with an importer
  • Viewing of all ISFs in reject status
  • Automatic cargo manifest queries of bills of lading at the master and house levels in order to verify how they are filed in AMS
  • XML integration capabilities available for larger clients
  • System for importers to input the data that you can review before transmitting
  • System for oversees agents to input portions of the data for your review and transmission
  • Ability to upload information into the invoice data entry
  • Integration with the NetCHB accounting system for quick billing

NetCHB is the most powerful AND affordable ISF program on the market! Contact us now to see how much you can save!