Inbonds keep shipments moving toward their destination. With NetCHB, you can:

  • Prepare and transmit electronic inbonds for ITs, T&Es, and IEs via QP for Ocean and Rail AMS shipments
  • Prepare and send BTA/PNC data on behalf of your clients for paperless MIBs
  • Make an automatic AMS query of the IT to make sure it has arrived before you file your IE or TE
  • View the status of all your inbonds, with auto query every night to keep the status up to date
  • Copy from earlier inbonds and complete repetitive shipments in seconds
  • Receive the “arrive” of inbond shipments so you can clear them
  • Send bills using our integrated accounting system

Additionally, carriers (or anyone) can, without an official filer code from CBP, arrive or export Inbonds to ensure they are closed and relieve oneself of their liability.

NetChb is is one of the most powerful and certainly one of the most affordable programs on the market.