Inbonds keep shipments moving toward their destination. With NetCHB, you can:

  • Prepare and transmit electronic inbonds for ITs, T&Es, and IEs via QP for Ocean and Rail AMS shipments
  • Prepare and send BTA/PNC data on behalf of your clients for paperless MIBs
  • Make an automatic AMS query of the IT to make sure it has arrived before you file your IE or TE
  • View the status of all your inbonds, with auto query every night to keep the status up to date
  • Copy from earlier inbonds and complete repetitive shipments in seconds
  • Receive the "arrive" of inbond shipments so you can clear them
  • Send bills using our integrated accounting system

NetCHB is one of the most powerful and certainly one of the most affordable programs on the market. Pricing: $400 at sign up, $1 per inbond, $25 minimum per month.