Entry Filing - Statement Processing


As a Customs broker, you spend a lot of time reviewing daily statements to make sure that duties are the same as on the Form 7501, that there are no holds or intensive exams, the entries have actually released, there are no electronic invoice requests, there aren't any entries missing from the statements, and perhaps most importantly, that you don't have any late entries. With NetCHB, our clients enjoy huge time savings because they are able to view all of these items conveniently from NetCHB's Preliminary Statement Screen.

NetCHB's Preliminary Statement Screen allows you to:

  • View the statement entries release date and easily do a statement date update if it hasn't been released
  • Immediately see if an electronic invoice is required AND receive an email warning you
  • View outstanding duties by payment type, importer, or freight forwarder
  • Immediately see in RED which entries show a statement due amount different from what your system shows. Allowing you the confidence to know you have properly resent any summaries with a change in value or classification
  • Transmit payment
  • Write a check off the preliminary to close out your open duty payables
  • View final statements

Other Features/Safeguards:

  • View a list of all entries that cleared more than 8 days ago that aren't on any statements
  • Quickly view a list of unpaid statements and what 'day' statement it is (8th, or 9th,.,.)
  • Receive an automatic email when a statement reaches the 10th day
  • NetCHB will automatically do statement date updates for entries that have changes in their release dates...saving you the trouble of having to do so manually to pull them off the statements
  • Automatically email the final statement along with a pdf of the 7501's associated with the statement
  • From the Entry Main menu, jump right to the statement that entry was paid on

Our Statement report allows you to:

  • View outstanding duties by payment type, importer, or freight forwarder
  • See if they have been billed and the status of that invoice

We are so confident that NetCHB is better than competitive applications that we offer our clients a refund of the $100 late fee if the fee is the fault of NetCHB.