Entry Filing - Border


NetCHB helps you manage shipments entering the United States along its borders. With NetCHB, you can:

  • Automatically email Form 7533s to your truckers. If there are FDA issues, NetCHB will wait to complete the email until Prior Notice Compliance (PNC) numbers have been received
  • View all of your rail and e-Manifest notifications to verify that entries have been filed
  • Sort shipments by trailer number
  • Receive automatic updates about the shipment when it crosses, including import, export and statement dates
  • NetCHB will update your import, export, and statement dates and automatically transmit the 7501 when your shipment crosses
  • NetCHB gives you the option to automatically transmit the billing invoice to your client when the shipment crosses
  • Allows you or your clients to receive automatic email notifications when shipments are released
  • Allows you or your clients to receive automatic email notification if manifest or Other Government Agencies (OGA) status changes
  • Allow your exporter to view the status of their shipments
  • Create Arrival Notice for USDA shipments off of data already entered
  • Let you email delivery orders or Straight Bills, directly to your trucker or importer with digital signatures
  • View your importer's previously used consignees to expedite delivery order/straight bill data entry

Note: At this time, we do not have an e-Manifest program.