NetCHB Features

NetCHB stands out from its competitors because of its ease of use, accuracy, and efficiency. NetCHB is designed to save you time in your daily operations, eliminate hassles by alerting you to potential issues before they become problems or penalties, and reduce your operating costs so you can enjoy a better bottom line.

NetCHB’s unique navigation gives you all of the information you need right at your fingertips.  From the Entry Main Menu, you can see all of the Customs transmissions and responses, cargo manifest queries, entry summaries and status reports, data input screens (header, manifest records, invoices), print form options, email options and notifications related to that entry. No more searching on different screens based on the task you need to do; everything is right in front of you.

 NetCHB’s special automated alert system is designed to help you avert potential problems that could otherwise result in fines or penalties. The system will let you know before you transmit an entry if the Importer Security Filing (ISF) has been filed. That way you can avoid possible penalties that could occur if a customer hasn’t filed the ISF.  Additional benefits can be found on the Entry Controls & Safeguards page.

NetCHB’s automatic email system is designed to keep you and your customers informed. The Automatic Email Notification will send a message the moment a shipment has been released, a hold has been removed, or the FDA issues a May Proceed Notice.

With NetCHB’s Web Tracking Module, you can give your importers and forwarders the ability to view:

  • Status of the shipments you are clearing for them
  • Statements (for Type 3 filings)
  • Invoices, delivery orders, and Forms 7501 and 3461
  • Drawback reports that provide detail about their entries

You even have the option, at extra cost, of adding your URL, name, and logo to allow your customers to link to your website.

With NetCHB you can effectively eliminate late fees and dry runs. You will be able to better serve your customers AND save money.