NetCHB keeps you up to date with the latest information about your shipments, helping to save time, money, and hassles.

NetCHB will automatically:

  • Email you if the status of your shipment has changed so you can take immediate action
  • Email you if Customs sends a warning that a Temporary Importation without Bond (TIB) is about to expire
  • Notify you Anti-Dumping Duty/Countervailing Duty (ADD/CVD) applies to the HTS and C/O combination you are using
  • Update the Harmonized Tariff Schedule to ensure you have the current rates
  • Automatically email a Form 7533 for border entries to your carrier and update and send the Form 7501 once the shipment crosses

 With NetCHB, your Managers/Owners will be able to see:

  • The status of all entries filed by your entry writers
  • Entries that require action, such as rejections, holds or entries requiring DIS documents
  • Payment due date for all statements
  • Entries that have not been released in a timely fashion and their corresponding Form 3461

With NetCHB, your Statement Processors has the following features:

  • Warnings to ensure your entries have the correct PMS month, avoiding a $1000 penalty
  • NetCHB will refund the $100 late entry fee if we did not help you catch it!
  • View entries that cleared 8-15 days ago and are not on a statement
  • Email you a warning when a statement is on its 10th day and is unpaid
  • See if an entry on a statement is cleared or on hold
  • Make statement date updates
  • View the importer associated with the entries on the statement
  • Verify and warn you if the statement amount due Customs is different from the amount the system is showing due Customs; this can happen when you change classifications or values and forget to retransmit

With NetCHB, your Data Entry staff will be able to:

  • See 1C and 3Z disposition code status to help you avoid fines and other penalties
  • View information about a hold on any shipment and receive emails when the hold has been removed
  • At the time of data entry, NetCHB will warn you if your tariff and country of origin is subject to ADD/CVD. NetCHB will also let you know if a steel license is required.
  • Automatically select from a list of previously entered Manufacturer Identification Code (MID), HTS numbers, and FDA product codes, reducing keystroke errors
  • Easily retrieve/save information from a parts table for line data entry
  • Touch a file only once. In most cases, after the entry has been sent and the delivery order is done, staff will receive a response so they can email the delivery order to the trucker and complete the billing.
  • Email Form 7501s and 3461s
  • Email delivery orders along with digitally signed 3461s and ABI release results (which some CFSs require)
  • NetCHB will automatically verify fields, such as the MID, are on file with Customs and warn you before transmission if such fields are not
  • If you fail to file ADD/CVD on an HTS that requires it, Customs will eventually come back and fine your importer with all the required duties (and penalties) even though the entry was accepted Error Free as an Entry Type 01. Customs can take years to levy the late file penalty.  NetCHB will warn you about things that you didn’t even know about – keeping you and your clients out of trouble!