Intuitive and easy to use, NetCHB’s Integrated Accounting system is designed to be used by non-accountants, but powerful enough to satisfy CPAs.  Specifically, we offer you unparalleled navigation and operational controls, while automatically doing many of the balance sheet ‘journal entries’ so you ideally don’t have to do any!

NetCHB’s accounting system allows you to:

  • Email invoices with attached Forms 7501 and/or 3461
  • Set up billing profiles at the company, client, and/or forwarder level
  • Print checks on blank check stock (no magnetic ink needed)
  • View Accounts Receivable reports that include contact information to expedite the collections process
  • Unique navigation lets you see from your invoices, all related invoices, checks and collections, and jump to view the details of any of those items
  • Verify the accuracy of payable amounts with links to invoices
  • Do Arrival Notices, Invoice, Pre-Alerts, Authority to Make Entry, or Turnover Order Freight Release
  • Track overpayments and discounts
  • Our unique Flow Through Accounts lets you verify that you have Invoiced all items (such as Duty and Freight) that you may front for your clients
  • Add your customized logo to invoices

With NetCHB, you can enjoy these managerial functionality features:

  • Maintain complete control over user rights and permissions by restricting functions by user
  • Generate reports in Excel
  • Minimize journal entries using NetCHB’s automatic balance sheet system
  • View cash and/or accrual based income statements by location or company-wide
  • Though our accounting is complete enough to satisfy your accountants, an invoice download to Quickbooks is available

Each Customs broker does accounting slightly differently. Some use NetCHB to do billing and then re-input the information in another program. Some use NetCHB for all their needs. NetCHB will provide you with outstanding customer service to make sure you are using our application to your best advantage.