Customs Brokers doing business in today’s demanding global marketplace need a data processing system that is dependable, accurate and secure. CBP-Approved NetChb is built with state-of-the-art technology, utilizing the newest innovations to maximize efficiency, productivity and accuracy. 

Your customers expect greater visibility and lower transaction fees, even while U.S. Customs’ timelines have grown shorter and compliance requirements more stringent. NetCHB provides scalable, highly capable solutions to process your clients’ import clearance transactions accurately and efficiently.

For importers already self-filing, NetCHB provides intuitive modules, self-explanatory system flow, step-by-step instruction, and advanced notification features to help ensure that users complete their entry. To maximize your compliance rate, NetCHB validates required data before it is sent to U.S. Customs.

NetCHB: The smart first step
NetCHB is convenient and easy to use. With NetCHB, Customs brokers do not have to make additional investments in software, hardware, or training. With NetCHB, a broker with an internet connection and a web browser has everything they need to serve their customers.

It only takes a few minutes to open an account.  Once your account is set up, you have access to all kinds of automated services:

  • Quick and easy searches for tariff numbers, ports, carriers, FIRMS codes and manufacturer IDs
  • Document printing in PDF format
  • Email capabilities for invoices and other supporting documentation
  • Grant access to importers that want to view their shipment information
  • Access to information in invoices entered by clients

NetCHB allows you to offer your importing clients:

  • Real-time email notifications of their shipment release
  • Web portal with access to their:
    • Statements
    • Entry status
    • Line-by-line details of filed entries
    • Form 7501s
    • Delivery orders
    • Billing invoices
  • Automatic emailing of final statements
  • Invoice and part number uploading capabilities
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF) completion capabilities

NetCHB allows you to offer your Forwarding Clients:

  • Release status of entries you have filed on their behalf
  • Invoices
  • Payment status information
  • Activity reports with entry volume filed on their behalf
  • Bill the importer or forwarder with the rates agreed to for the forwarder or the importer
  • View reports of duty due from the forwarders’ clients

 NetCHB offers Freight Forwarders:

  • Access to the cargo manifest query for AMS status reports
  • Ability to file ISF
  • Forwarding module coming soon