Is NetCHB just another option? How is this application different and why should we make the switch to your platform?

Chances are that your current ABI package was developed over 15 years ago by programmers who had no idea what a Customs entry was. NetCHB was created by people very knowledgeable about the entry filing process, the Customs and Border Protection agency, the issues faced daily by Customs brokers, and the latest technologies. By applying our technological expertise and Customs know-how, we have greatly simplified the lives of our clients, made their work environment much more efficient (40% over some systems), saved them time, eliminated worries, and increased their controls with much less effort. With well over 10 million entries filed, NetCHB is a proven package. Over 400 offices have made the switch to NetCHB, and ALL of them are delighted that they made the switch.

The costs of switching to NetCHB seem daunting: Training employees, inputting their clients and vendors, and setting up accounting. Why should I switch?

Yes, there is a commitment to be made, and it may seem challenging. However, our clients find that switching is not as hard as they thought it would be. Once you have signed up, you can take your time inputting your importers (the importer bond query speeds things up a lot) and vendors. Training is actually pretty simple; the design of our program is much different from those of our competitors, and learning to use it is remarkably easy and intuitive. Additionally, NetCHB will not charge you a monthly fee until you are done filing entries on your old system.

I’m intrigued by your statement that NetCHB can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer. Can you explain the benefits?

Many software applications require users to maintain servers with data and programs on them. Should there be a problem with the server, access to the application ends until the server problem is fixed. Additionally, some vendors require you to buy expensive hardware and program updates. With NetCHB, all of the programs and data are housed on NetCHB’s secure servers – not yours. You can access NetCHB from any device that allows you access to the Internet – your computer, Smartphone, or tablet. We have heard many stories from our clients who have done entries from vacations on cruise ships, the beach, Tel Aviv, and even more of them checking entry statuses and doing bill of lading updates on their Smartphones as they race to the airport. Because NetCHB is completely web-based, it is platform independent and can be used with any operating system.  Other vendors have “moved” their programs out onto the Internet, but in order to use them, it is most likely that your computer still needs special software installed in order to access their program.
  If you call NetCHB’s customer service for a demo, you will be able to see the difference firsthand. You will be able to access the program, transmit to ABI, and see the many features of NetCHB just as our clients do.

Isn’t having our company data on the Internet a risky venture? Could we be hacked?

The fact is, programs on your office computer can be hacked when it is connected to the Internet. With NetCHB, you receive industry-standard security, including 256-bit SSL encryption and redundant backup.  We are devoted to safeguarding sensitive data, using technologies such as data replication and backups. To date we have not had any attacks on our website.

Having all my data on your computers concerns me. How can I be sure you won’t cut me off from my data?

The data is YOURS, not OURS. You will ALWAYS have access to your data. Should you ever sell your business, retire, or switch to another vendor, you will be able to access to your data. We will save it and safeguard it forever, for free. You can download Entry Activity and Drawback Reports for any given period whenever you wish. They contain 95% of the significant data that you have entered into the program.

I love the advantages NetCHB offers, but I’m worried about the conversion process. Can we stay operational while we switch to NetCHB?

One of the founders of NetCHB LLC is a former ABI client representative. He knows that you can be operational on two programs at the same time, and virtually all of our clients have switched in this way. Using NetCHB while having your old program as a “safety net” enables people to learn to use the program at your own pace. Usually, after doing a couple of entries on NetCHB, people quickly quit using their old programs. Some clients have said that doing entries on our program is actually fun!
  We have helped more than 400 clients and 8000 users make the switch to NetCHB. There are a few limitations regarding PMS entries until you make the final switch, but they are all manageable.
  You can even use NetCHB as a backup ABI program, should your existing program crash and your existing vendor be unable to help (as actually happened to two of our clients filing 700 plus entries per month. We had them transmitting in a half hour!).

How is your Customer Service? My vendor either doesn’t call me back, tells me to call my client rep, or treats me like I’m an idiot!

We pride ourselves on our customer service and have a policy to get back to 95% of our calls within an hour. Additionally, from our web page you can click on a link and send us an email that identifies your problem. Our support staff consist of highly trained people in the ways of Customs and ABI. It is VERY rare that we ever tell you to call your ABI rep since one of the owners used to be one and usually knows the problem and the solution. We offer 24/7 support. Of course, we prefer that you don’t call during off hours if it’s not an emergency.

I would love to switch, but I have such a low volume that it doesn’t make financial sense for me to do so. Do you have special deals for VERY small brokers?

Yes, we do. Because your company is small, you know what you’re doing, and simply would like to do it a bit better and enjoy the benefits we have to offer, we have a very special deal…please contact us to find out!