Why NetCHB?


NetCHB is a U.S. Customs-approved web-based application designed to support the data processing operations of Customs brokers within the United States so that they can track and manage imported commercial goods. Written in Java, NetCHB is the most technologically advanced software program in the global trade compliance marketplace. With NetCHB, Customs brokers use the power of the Internet to communicate with customers - importers with filer codes, freight forwarders, container freight stations, and warehouses. NetCHB clients do not need to make significant purchases of software and hardware, and training can be done at the client's own pace. NetCHB is logical, intuitive, easy to use, and effective, all of which add up to increased productivity and savings.

Customer Benefits

NetCHB offers benefits for companies of all sizes:

  • The application is web-based, which means NetCHB clients can sign on from anywhere. All you need are an Internet connection and a browser.
  • Digital signatures allow brokers to email signed Form 3461s and delivery orders directly to truckers.
  • Electronic Invoice Printing makes it easy to work from home or remote locations.
  • Instant responses from ABI speed processing and eliminate the potential for processing errors.
  • Each user can view the 1C (AMS release), 3Z(ISF on file), and FDA status of ALL their shipments at a glance from our unique "Dash Board."
  • Automatic Controls allow managers to track overall status, including unpaid 10th-day statements and Importer Security Filings (ISF) that have not been filed as completed transactions by the export date.
  • Automatic Email Notification keeps your customers in the loop regarding release status.
  • Reduced IT costs can add to your bottom line.

Small companies - one user can file ups to 22 entries a day with billing!. Medium companies report higher efficiency - up to 40% higher - over competitors' software applications. Large companies say they love being able to manage information and view operations at the touch of a button.

If you are a small broker filing under 25 entries per month, please call and let us know, we have a special offer especially for smaller brokers.

Customer Service

We understand the nature of your business. If you have a problem, you need it resolved. NetCHB customer service staff is prompt, friendly, and capable. In fact 95% of our client calls are returned within an hour, and if something is broken, we fix it. We even answer calls on weekends. We are here to serve you. In a word, we view our clients as our partners. We give you all the tools you need to survive and thrive in the global trade compliance marketplace.